Generators basics

Before discussing actual usage of generators, we start from the basic concept of generators.

There are two different concepts related to generators.

  • Generator function - A special kind of function which generates generator objects.
  • Generator object - An instance of generator function.

Execution of generator objects can be suspended and resumed. In JavaScript, we have only limited control over execution of normal functions. Given a function, when it starts execution, by using (), apply or call, it will run to the end of the execution.

For a simple function sum shown below, when it's invoked using sum(1, 2), it starts execution and returns value 3 to the caller.

function sum(a, b) {
    return a + b;

let result = sum(1, 2);
// -> 3

As JavaScript engine execution is single-threaded (not considering web worker here), during the execution of a function, there is no way to stop the execution. So if you accidentally create an infinite loop in your function, the whole application will be blocked.

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